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Nov 28, 2012

How to make apricot compote?

Take ripe apricots, washed, broken in half and remove them smaburii.
Place apricots in bottle 'milk' big mouth. Sugar melts in a saucepan somewhere to 4-5 tablespoons per glass, then pour over the apricots in bottle (you can also use jars) and boils at Bain-marie

It is a mistake to put children to work?

Depends on the work, during work, the child's age, etc..
It is good offspring (or offspring) still be used with various small jobs, or rather: chores, duties. We can learn from the experience of others. And saw quite clearly that where children were razgaiati, held down, they are

Can we live happily?

Certainly yes, but only under certain conditions.
If you do not have basic physiological needs (water, air, food, recreation, clothing, health, etc.) in any case we can say that we live happy, even we can say it does not really living, in the absence of air or water even we can not live.

Nov 27, 2012

Is coffee a drug against fatigue?

Is coffee a drug against fatigue?

The fact that this substance, coffee is bad, especially in large quantities, it wrote. Fact that has positive things, more often.
Well, after 24 hours of labor comes to sleep in the middle of the road. But you

Nov 26, 2012

What can replace meat?

Surrogate for meat
Meat is a food complex, widely used in kitchens around the world. I would say that most of the world population consumes meat.

In what who or what we will reincarnate?

Reincarnation is an ideology (belief) that after death man passed away but reincarnates into an animal, depending on what he did in this life, according to the idea "well you do, good find"

Why do cats have 9 lives?

Is a legend. So.
A cat thrown from 4th floor to land on my feet. Same on the 10th floor. This does not mean that the cat will survive the fall. Depends on many factors, how heavy the cat that land surface, etc..

What are the smallest countries in the world?

Top of the smallest countries in the world by area, according to Wikipedia , are:
1. Vatican City - 0.44 km 2
2. Monaco - 2 km 2
3. Gibraltar - 6 km 2
4. Tokelanu - 12 km 2
5. Nauru 21 - km 2

What kind of job should I choose?

Many people accept what they are offered, especially as we live a little troubled times, financially speaking. Others do not want to work other than in accordance with their training. What to do? In that category we place?
Well, I will take my example. Probably always personal example is the best.

How to make cherry jam in easy way?

The rule of thumb is to 1Kg 2Kg sour sugar
Wash cherries, remove pits, and place in a saucepan, two - three rows of Visia, then cover with sugar. Not much sugar, just until no longer see cherry. Then other times of cherry, another sugar, and so on. Allow an hour or two, then sit at the fire to melt the sugar.

Nov 25, 2012

How to live several lives at once

One life seems to be too little. Because we are not satisfied how our life has evolved so far, we are not happy with future who seems to come, we are not pleased that we will die one day, soon, and  we not realized much in this life.
But when we sleep - we dream, we live another life.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Anna Mae Bullock, better known by her stage name Tina Turner, is an American singer whose career has spanned more than half a century, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards. Wikipedia

    Born: November 26, 1939 (age 72), Nutbush

The most beautiful job in the world

Interior decoration - there are countries where this profession brings handsome profits.
And there are thousands of jobs, jobs that bring handsome profits but have a lack: Satisfaction.

What helps a great decorated house , a exemplary jewel , a painting like no other, an ultra finished

Need a break from time to time?

We can not run incontinu. We can work incotinu. We can not do a thing forever. We are humans, we need to rest, we need change, recruit.
Regardless of how deeply we are in the project that work, no matter how much we attract what we do, we need a break.

Free will: predestination?

Do not we choose where and when we are born, we did not choose a car hit us on the sidewalk, we choose not to ....
But if we choose to go left or right, whether work or steal, whether or not you if .....
Free will allows us to algem, not predestination.

Why we avoid work?

Because you work all your life and in old age you get hungry. Work ennobles  man, says the proverb. Practice proves that the employer ennobles work.
The work is hard, and when you see how other people raise a straw and not doing very well, indeed afford to have that house a palace, fancy cars, trips to exotic areas, like your work perished mood.

Leaves fall from trees in autumn

Leaves turn yellow, wither, dry up and fall off. - limited, - hosting problems, - low quality - limited, - hosting problems, - low quality
A real issue for many blogger with a low budget.
On have a true quality brand blogging. But the limitatio

May be a better movie than a book?

When I was in high school I saw Morometii film based on the novel of the same name. I have not read even one page of the novel but I saw the movie. And the argument I made just splendid July 1 aberand besides what I saw in the movie.
Perhaps if I had read the novel, who knows.

Nov 24, 2012

What is the healthy breakfast?

A banana, an apple, a slice of bread with butter and a glass of water.
Simple, no?
If however you need more energy, because maybe you have a hard day ahead, add menu and 100g of peanuts ..

Agriculture is the future?

In general, everything that could be sold was sold. Almost all people who needed and could afford, they put glass, and bought LCDs, houses, all kinds of furniture and appliances, etc..
Even the clothes they buy increasingly more difficult. But the food, well food and drugs will always sell. How to plant drugs is impossible for most, to produce food is much easier. And

Why Astrology is not reliable?

First, the fact that I decide my future, my actions are leading to a target. I am not predestined.
Secondly to see in the future is not something practical, as we see with binoculars. Time, at least for us humans follow a line: from beginning to end, from the present to one future

To be the dumbest among smart or the smartest among the dumb?

1. To nourish pride beyond any limit, the solution is the smartest of the prostate.But in this case most likely stupidity of others would narrow my cleverness.

2. In contrast, although it seems difficult to pride, the ideal solution is the worst of the clock. For, being stupid, but living in smart, I have some chance to learn, to get smart.

However, though, most people would choose option 1. Why?

How often should we eat a day?

Well, depends on many factors. But for healthy people, up to 5 times.
The first meal, and the richest, should be the morning. And last meal should be at least 3 hours before bedtime, a simple and easy meal, preferably a tea, a fruit, maybe a yogurt or something easy.

What is Bain-Marie?

In cooking, bain-marie is a hot liquid used to heat a container prepared dish. Sometimes the term is also used for vessel containing the hot liquid. This method of preparation has the advantage of avoiding a transfer of heat too suddenly. Avoids calcination preparation.

Why do we dream when we sleep?

All people dream, some more others less. Dream is the way the brain is resting and empties million Giga Bitzi of information that are meant not to be able to stay conscious.'s Dream can be called so a conscious subconstiet discharge.
We need dreams

How do I make money from my blog with banner ads?

Many people want to blog owners monetise their online activity, and the best program is Google AdSense.
The web site will find thousands of us learn why and how affiliate programs on different platforms affiliation or multi level programs that we are real gold mines profit-making, but

Is watching too much TV bad for eyes?

Nothing specialists draw attention to the fact that excessive state in front of the TV or PC monitor to spoil. Almost everyone ignore this warning.
Magic box (TV) is a great media and multimedia. News, debates, documentaries, movies, music, entertainment, etc., all in one box. But a case can damage eyesight. The same can be

It's good to be careless?

Indifference to ourselves or others (society) can not have no repercussions.
She indifference - indifference - negligence - carelessness, about the same thing, each in its own way but avanad same parent: Selfishness.

What are the colors of the rainbow?

Have short ROYGBIV rainbow. They are:

Orange (orange)

What is the distance from the Sun To Earth?


From Earth and from the Sun is about 150 billion km,

ie: 1496 x 108 km (8.31 minutes light).

Nov 23, 2012

How do I change a file extension?

Files by their extension can be files:
images (. jpg,. png,. gif, etc)
text (. tx,. dock. docx, etc)
Audio (. mp3,. amr,. wma, etc)
video (. avi,. wmv,. mp4, etc)

How children played hundreds of years ago?

100 years ago? Hard to say. At that time most people lived in poverty in the country. People worked all day to landlord for a plate of food and some money or products for family, products not arrived two days if the family was large.

What does it mean to speak with TV?

"Talk TV" is a phrase used in the right caliber and do not hear anyone. Whether you talk too much and block their ears potential interlocutors in the avalanche of words Turu without pause or potential interlocutors are on another frequency (they fixed bias) or man speaks alone, he was absolutely alone in the room, only TV.

The Paradise is something real?

Life is beautiful worth living. But not always. Depends on certain factors.
If the cancer has worn everything from a man, if old age made him senile and paralyzed, though .... To love life we must be good to have pleasure of life.
Suppose all goes well, we have everything we need - no more, because the damage

Out of sight out of mind?

Fine words, and often true.
Yet not a few are people who after decades in living memory have memories of their first love. They forgot all their friends and relatives who have died, maybe parents, siblings, children. But not first love.

How to make apricot jam?

Because the weather apricots, because winter will definitely come because it is good apricot jam, for any reason we find we have two variants:

  1. buy ready-made apricot jam in the store

  2. we do it in our own kitchen

Where can I find a timer for traffic blog?

There are many such solutions. I will list a few:

There is anger for no reason?

We live in a world governed by the law: cause and effect. And though there are times when we see no logical or illogical reason for a particular action (in this case anger), there is definitely reason.
We see and feel that another person was mad at us. Quickly calculate and decide: do not have any reason!

What tea is good for colds?

Mace had a high intake of vitamin C. And as vitamin C plays an important role in our metabolism, its deficiency brings about a decrease in the power of defense against various diseases (visrusi), including ordinary cold .

Can children wear their parents curse?

If parents are serious people, sociable, hardworking, organized, put value on education, etc., chances are their kids become nice people in society. But if parents are drunks, drone, villains, uninterested in the fate of their children, their children will grab the wrong road in life.

Why children depend on parents?

Does not exist in our world even one man who was born great, mature adult. All were once babies, then children, then young ....
Everyone had a temporary home in their mothers womb. And there, safe from any danger, defend the holy angels were developed from a single embryo, and increased until the day should be large enough to leave home.

Can quit smoking with electronic cigarette?

Generally people have turned to electronic cigarette precisely to stop smoking are divided into three categories:
1. Those who gave up smoking after a month or two, since they used the electronic cigarette, and then dropped it. Happy necessary.

Nov 22, 2012

Children or career?

What should be a priority in one's life: kids or career?

If not continue his career can not go on. Also, to have a career as a successor must be made certain sacrifices (family, friends, lost time, etc.) and some compromises (and sometimes violations of consciousness).

Go to work for pleasure or for money?

If you have enough money and you do not have to be others, yes, pleasure. Not the other, but no matter how much money you would still have to work, because work is a healthy tool.

Most people go to work for money. Although it would be ideal to like what you do and be and paid for it, unfortunately it does not work like that.

Why do business in times of crisis?

The main reason to start business in difficult times is that power prices would definitely be lower. Maintenance costs of business are lower in a crisis than the rest. If for example some businesses need space, and must rent, is another opportunity. During an economic crisis, even lower rents, and so many businesses seeking rental space would benefit.

At what age should children learn to read?

There is no fixed rule. School start with class 1, ie 6-7 years. However, some children can read, spell, since 5 years. I was such a child. But this desire because of my mother who sat next to me and teaches me baby although I did not have such fancy things.

What were the biggest earthquakes in United States?

According to Wikipedia, list of earthquakes in the United States - since 1990.

Further information

April 25–26, 1992
6.5 - 7.2
1992 Cape Mendocino earthquakes and tsunamis

June 28, 1992
1992 Landers earthquake

June 28, 1992
1992 Big Bear earthquake

March 25, 1993
1993 Scotts Mills earthquake

January 17, 1994
1994 Northridge earthquake

What were the biggest earthquakes in Romania?

- October 26, 1802 - 7.9 magnitude

- November 14, 1829 - 7.3 magnitude

- January 23, 1838 - 7.5 magnitude

- 31 august 1894 - magnitude 7.1

- October 6, 1908 - 7.1 magnitude

- November 10, 1940 - magnitude 7.7 to 1000 deaths

- March 4, 1977 - magnitude 7.4 to 1578 deaths

Why is it necessary winter snow?

Snow and frost are even necessary. Frost destroys many harmful viruses and bacteria. Snow keeps heat in earth sheltering plants from frost and snow melting in spring the earth is water. Plus, kids love snow so much.

When coming Apocalypse?

Biblical Revelation is a planetary event which will take place just before the return of Christ to earth and the fiery destruction of all humanity, with the aim of eradicating sin and everything he.

What does the opposition in politics?

Depends on the policy. If we talk about democracy, they! Well, the opposition makes democracy work. In an undemocratic political system (unipartitism) opposition is outlawed.

Opposition should not have more influence than power, and power should not hold a monopoly on the media, otherwise it is a game of cat and mouse.

How to move a wardrobe without scratching the floor?

You get up on top, or do levitation with him. :)- Kidding of course.

There may be mutli solutions, I used just one. We know that to pick up a wardrobe is a lot of power, but to pick just one part of a corner, requires no power anymore. So I picked a corner, and as I put one foot slice of potato.

When dinosaurs lived?

According to wikipedia Dinosaurswere vertebrate animals that dominated terrestrial ecosystems for a period of 160 million years, first appearing on our planet about 220 million years ago, at the end of the Triassic. At the end of Cretaceous, now about 65 million years ago, dinosaurs suffered a catastrophic extinction caused by global climate change

A glass of wine is good for heart

So they say, so say some doctors find it on the internet. Yet to be like that?
In order not to attract their public opprobrium, princes society (and here we include specialist doctors) leaves some unsolved issues, creating the impression that things are exactly as they want the crowd to hear. And as long as something can not be proven, there can be no dispute.

How to make apple cake?

We have some apples, almost 1Kg, some margarine (125 g) which we impareti in two, each cut into small cubes jumatete, 200. sugar, and optionally a bit of cinnamon. And need a cake dough you can buy or make at home would be recommended to do it at home. Leaf house will contain 4 eggs, 8 tablespoons of sugar, 6 tablespoons of flour and a bag of vanilla sugar.

Tip: Preferably use brown sugar.

Why the night is dark?

With certain exceptions, the night is dark. If you use a light bulb will have, or if we see a clear sky at night but as day.

The night is dark and day light such as black and white, good and evil, these contrasts there seems to be one in harmony with each other, a dualism. We must not believe that dualism is something eternal, without end or beginning, no.

Muscle or fiber?

I know a guy (male - 30 years) gets its showing Arnold, or almost. Has a body with muscles all went well in relief. And sometimes somewhat jealous of him, but not always.
It 'working' muscles at the gym, and shoot the 'beast' in a certain way, not in despair, but everything scheduled. Today do exercises for biceps and abdomen, and legs tomorrow for ....... because I did not understand very well, no I did not bother to understand. The idea is that I asked:

Nov 21, 2012

What to watch: a TV series or a football game?

It depends on each one.
I will always prefer SF TV series. Other people may prefer a football game, other people TV news, music, or documentary, etc..
Taste not is discussed!
Depends on how you think it can be fun (relax).

Nov 17, 2012

What to do in an earthquake?

The most important rule is to not panic,
- Stay away from objects that could fall, especially the sharp and heavy
- Find refuge under a desk or doorframe if is large enough,

Nov 16, 2012

Investment in science can be very profitable

Future areas: biochemistry, telecommunications, medical devices, and anything else that could revolutionize any particular domain.

Most people want to make a deal (business) that gives them an immediate profit. Therefore some areas (most profitable) are exploited and others - do not have investors.  It is only natural that when you start a business to think about money. Money is the outcome of a business, the primary motivation. But money, should not be the goal in itself.

Garlic medicine and food

Modern science has shown that garlic is a powerful antibiotic with a wide range of applicability. As the body does not resist to garlic, his beneficial effects are maintained for a long time. It is the only antibiotic that kills batteries and protects the body simultaneously.

Before antibiotics to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, garlic - through its properties - was used for protection against diseases such as: cholera epidemic, plague or flu. Unlike drugs and vaccines, garlic is not toxic to the human body.

Shopping online or market

We need to do shopping everytime. Whether it is food, clothing, electronic, mechanical, various supplies, gifts, and more other. For this you need to keep in mind where and how they buy.

Mini market or supermarket?


Nov 13, 2012

At what age a man is wise?

Normally, once the years pass, the man accumulates a lot of knowledge and life experience. With this should appear and wisdom. But this thing not happen. And we wonder why?

We see everyday old people.  Most of them are not wise, are not even smart too. Contrary, many old people are senile. People who not use mind in their youth, in old age will probably senile.

Nov 12, 2012

Alcohol and health

Alcohol is bad for your health!
Often we hear about the harmful effects of alcohol, more news about tragedies with authors who are under the influence.
But also hear advice from elders, friends and even doctors who recommend a glass of wine or brandy. Does that cup even better? To be true adage "a little will not hurt"?

What is the summary of life?

We know the cycle of life: we are born, we grow, we becoming adults and do various things, including to make children at our turn , become old, .., die.

Beyond chemical reactions, interactions of physical factors, beyond what is biology or genetics, humans are much more. Analyzing every aspect of his life, and every part of his body: miraculous.   So well done! A perfect machine. Never man can not reproduce it.

Children our joy

Like any good thing in our lives children have their time and their purpose. And we were children, some of us would like to be still, and know that this part of life (childhood) is the most beautiful. Carefree, without many problems, no stress ...

But this part of life to be the most beautiful must meet certain conditions: health, good social environment, parental love, health education ... how of health God cares, we still have duty to supervise various accidents from happening, to educate and provide our children affection. And to education would be much to say, but the essence is that you have 7 years of home that period actually does not stop in 7th,

Nov 11, 2012

Simple detox diet regime

We present a simple diet. Your body will release many toxins. Diet is not difficult to keep and will bring many health benefits.
Menu for one day:
Breakfast: a cup of milk with cereal and two slices of toast with butter, tea or plain water

Who lives in the Universe besides humans?

The universe is a big place. A place where among millions of other planets we find planet Earth.

Planet earth is at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. But Milky Way is not the only galaxy in The Universe. Moreover, we do not know even a small part of our galaxy, and do not know anything about the universe, about his majesty and complexity.   Therefore we can divide The Universe into two parts: one that we know it,

What a woman wants from a man?

Many men ask this question. What women want from a man? How they see the perfect man?

Well, here's a list of the qualities required of a woman for a man:


  • character

  • funny

  • hygienic

  • smart

  • brave

  • calculating

  • modest

  • financially stable

What are the black holes?

Among other things, general relativity theory of Albert Einstein predicted the existence of one of the strangest cosmic phenomena - black holes. Recent hypothesis suggests that our galaxy is in the midst of a massive black hole. Why are these holes "black"?
It is known that mass distorts space. We also know that the path of light is affected by gravity. We also know that Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts the existence of one of the strangest objects imagined by physicists - black holes.

About what should I write on a blog

First, when you decide to make your niche blog, must understand that not all niches are searched on the net. Or that some niches are already over full.
The difference between a personal blog and a general one or niche is huge. But chances to transforming your blog into a BRAND is higher to a blog of niche.

Nov 10, 2012

Be careful what you wish!

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!

Many times we want things we do not fully understand. Or we don't understand where this route may take us.

A mother was tired by being mother. One day the child was seriously injured by a car .

Trying to find what we want

Trying to find what we want - life goes.

That's the truth. Wasting precious time:

  •         trying to find us ourselves
  •         trying to see what we want,
  •         what would suit us,
  •         what to do,
  •         how to do...

And all the time - time runs irreversible.

So, let's live little in the now

Sometimes change is good

After a while, all doing the same usual stuff feel the need for a change. Unfortunately we do not have the courage to do so.
In daily life appear stereotyped, we call it habits.

The habits are master over us, what we do, how we do, what we think and how we think.  The habit make a completely influence over us.

Sometimes we say that we are enslaved by habits, some of which are even harmful: vices.
Saving by changing
Changing something in our daily lives can make a big difference.
All the things we do are interspersed between them. And changing something, we can change something else.
For example: always buy from the same store. On the way from home to shop, in the store, and on the way to back home - do many things.
Changing the store - we can change some of those things.

The first thought of the morning

When man is sleeping is like a dead man. Not physically, but in terms of consciousness. When sleeping, a man is unaware of him.
First thought - immediately after waking - is the same thought that he had at the time when he slept.

So: not the man who wakes up in the morning has control over thought , but the man who was sleeping - his last thought.
Who wants beautiful thoughts, pleasant thoughts, must try to have beautiful and pleasant thoughts at bedtime.

There are lucky people ?

What is the lucky anyway?
Luck is ... nobody knows. The fact that at the right time in the right time - that's luck.
A situation, an accident, a hazard.
No one can measure luck. There is no tool to make measurements of the luck .
Sometimes we see people who simply has luck. In everything they do - they fail.  And we want to understand why and how.
But everything is randomly. No matter how we try - we will not be able to understand anything. The luck - is a state of mind, there is no luck as an entity, or physical force.

Nov 9, 2012

Earthquake on December 21, 2012?

Will be an earthquake on December 21, 2012? Is it possible?

As everybody knows to be announced: on 21.12.2012 - the end of the world. That said Experts in deciphering Mayan.
But will he end of the world? An earthquake? It will be war? It will be a plague? The Sun will explode?
Let's take a time:
     yes, it will be the end of the world for many people (for those who were to die that day anyway)
     yes, there will be earthquakes in many parts of the world (there are every day)
     no, it's hard to believe that a war will begin specific in
this day.

So in conclusion we will die eventually,  some of us by of old age, and all the fuss was created by someone to scare this little world which are becoming worse and worse everyday.. If you hear that you will die tomorrow, will not change you a bit. (unfortunately not too sees no change)
The big problem is that no one will know when will be the end.

Forced smile harm to mental health

A seller must constantly smile. Likewise, almost all people working in public relations. But if someone is not the way a smiling threads   should mimic smile, to fake, to display a fake smile.

Well, that's a big problem. The false will eventually tear the soul.  Constantly living this lie (to show you are joyful when in fact you're not) psychological problems

Do not let children decide

Children - Adorable and nice, the most beautiful beings in the world,  but are unaware of the cause.
They want all kinds of things, things that are not good for them.
We should not let children decide themselves. Perhaps in some cases children have some brilliant ideas, but these are isolated cases.
Children do not have life experience, they do not know too much, they cannot make a comparison between two identical situations.   

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mihail Gorbaciov was a politician from Russia.
Real name - Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev..

Place of birth - Privolnoye, Stavropol Krai, Russian.

Date of birth - 2 March 1931.

A world without God

For years people trying to build a civilization without a God. And its seems they are succeeded. Only seems. Because in every day we see what human can do: disaster. A society who has no moral value, no ethical guide, and who works randomly.

People are educated to believe that between two evil things

A glass of wine is good for heart?

So they say, so say some doctors find it on the internet. Yet to be like that?
In order not to attract their public opprobrium, princes society (and here we include specialist doctors) leaves some unsolved issues, creating the impression that things are exactly as they want the crowd to hear. And as long as something can not be proven, there can be no dispute.
However, research on healthy diet have proven that: even a drop of alcohol is harm.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Mens sana in corpore sano - Latin proverb, full of truth.

If our body is sick our minds will suffer - mental deficiency, poor memory capacity, inability develop certain themes ...
If our mind is not healthy, nor body will not be. Most actions that take place inside our bodies are dictated by the brain. Even cellular reproduction.

Nov 8, 2012

Drink water in every morning

The best thing you have to make him a man the morning after waking up from sleep, is to drink water. Best thing.
Naturally, hygiene is important too, and should not be avoided in any morning.
But the first thing: drink water! Rehydrate your body, make him ready to fight!

related article: At the beginning of the day drink a glass of water

Bank card

INGIn the past people used barter to trade, and then they used gold, then gold coins, silver, etc..
Then, with the explosion of industry and economic growth, needs become increasingly more and something else was needed. In large transactions, it was impossible to pay out in coins. For example, someone (a company) wanted to sell 1000 pieces of a valuable product. Was needed bags full of coins, so he introduced a new element of trading: bill.

How much cost the wisdom?

I wonder how much money we are willing to pay for become wiser?  And more: all the money in the world is enough to buy something so priceless.
With money buy a lot, but not everything.
We buy a house with money, but not a home.
   We buy with cash a hospital, but not health.
   We buywise children books with money, but not science.

Nov 7, 2012

Man can be replaced by robot?

Why not? The people there are saying:

"nobody is irreplaceable" - or almost anyone

Yet the truth is that the robot could not replace humans in every field - in occupations that involve people is need people.  A robot would not do well in professions such as: doctor, policeman, lawyer, judge, teacher, journalist, scholar, advisor, analyst, etc. - For these professions need people.

The robot will always be rigidly confined to the parameters of his discipline, limited to the schedule. On the other hand, man, beyond technical knowledge by his job, man use something else, something that the robot will not have: soul, emotion, instinct, conscience - is exactly those things that define humanity.

It is known that many investigators used (among scientists) of suspicion (instinct). That some cops overlook some minor mistakes (mercy - emotion) as ... and so on.

The robot will be fixed rigidly. Inappropriate human needs.

I am a lonely man

about me
What could I say? Although I have enough friends, although I wife and children and that in most cases I am working in diverse teams (which makes us to put our life in the hands of others) - however I am a loner.
I have my way in this world, I took my line, the goal itself. But I always feel the need to be alone - me and my thoughts. Some of these thoughts sit in front of the keyboard, and a small fraction of them get in online.

Sometimes I can not explain what I mean

Know what I mean, I know exactly what it is, I have a vivid picture of that thing but by no means can not find the exact words by which to explain to others what I want to explain.
I realize that we do not have enough words in the dictionary. Although not all people know better reading and writing certainly we need new words there.
How else to explain something for that does not exist right words?

Always tell a story

Whenever you want to explain something to someone, does not begin with scientific theories, or with arguments hard to understand for most people.
 The best way to explain something to someone is the story.
Tell a story! A short one but who make him understand what you mean.
For example: you want to explain to a friend that it is wrong to leave the road without a spare tire. Why should you bother with thousands of explanations? Better  tells a story - Fact or Fiction - someone left without spare tire and and remained blocked in the middle of nowhere.

Who wins elections?

First of all elections are won by majority (voting). If the majority can be satisfied with promises of a candidate - the rest is easy as the wind.
We must understand that the majority citizens of a country are underdeveloped's highly intellectual. "Plebe" - from Latin. Well, they are also targeted campaigns.
People who know what they want from a future administration - are few and hard to influence, that is why they do not show any interest to candidates.
Even if by the next administration depends on the country's future - ordinary people do not understand and do not care about these issues.
     Few people realize that certain things should be left secret - for the national good. Or, a decision who seems wrong now can bring many benefits in the future.
But most importantly: a country without rich people is a poor country entirelyNot poor people make a country works, but rich people do.
Make a decision abou what you want!
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Best way to increase your Pagerank

First, the most important technique in gaining high Pagerank is to you not care about your pagerank.
Content of the site or your blog should be the first concern. And the second: interest audience.
Not high traffic, but people who find inside  your site exactly what they are looking.
Exchanging links, comments on other blogs and forums, social networking, SEO solid, and others - irrelevant.

What we say in a discussion that was blocked?

Many times when we are dealing with new people or who have not really had a talk we block. Even if you change a few words in the beginning, after a while appear silence, embarrassing silence.
What can we say to unfroze atmosphere?
First we should find a common ground.
For example: food, something about where we are, about the weather, something in politics, etc..

If you have some information about the person that talking, you could talk about topics familiar to him/her. If you do not know anything about the person in question, you have to put general questions, but questions that will not be answered consisting of only two or three words.
Very important is to show some interest on what the other person speaks. Even if you don't really care, pretend you're interested.  If the person tells a joke - smile!, even an artificial one, even if you not understand it or not you liked.
If still nothing works - it means you are on different wavelengths. You have to admit this fact and give up before they turn everything into a culmination of awkward. 

Nov 5, 2012

A time machine just for me

O.K. I am a little selfish. I want a time machine, and I want it just for me.
Why just for me?
If someone would use a device like this, who knows what trouble could occur on the time axis. Since is known that someone will return in the past is very possible to change something (that is history), and by changing it,  everything in the present will different.
Fortunately traveling in time is not possible. So no one could change something that already is done it.

A never ending story

Not the movie. Not the book. Not the legend. The reality.
Women battered by husband, children abandoned everywhere, forest putted down for some furniture, farms distroyed for make place at a Moll,  many contries put in bankrupt to maintain a certain lifestyle in other country, milions of people live in poverty and full of disease with no help from those who might help them.
  People who hard working for a small salary, people who made a great inventions and someone else steal it, people who save lives and receive no reward, people who live with no Law but are protected by Law, people who do nothing for society but use all the benefits of society.
And the list can continued.
This is a never ending story, a real one.

Nov 4, 2012

The silence is better than noise

A lot of loud people in the street, in train, in everywhere. Seems to be human specific .
But when someone want to do something, and it do it in noise, he has a small chance.
Great deeds is make in silence, with no interferece, without anyone knowing, in deep secretly.
Let's take an example:
you have a great idea, an idea who can make you a very successful man in business. But if you start to talk with everyone about that, someone will steal your ideea. And you will remain with dreams of what you could do.
But working in silence are better chance to succed. The silence is better.
     More than that, in all history many life was lost because someone could not keep quiet.

Nov 3, 2012

Make the world a better place

If you want to live into a better world you must start to behave at such. Our world is not the perfect place to live, but it is the only one we have.

To have a great place to live is need to have a great people, and great people is hard to find. A better word meaning better people. And to have better people meaning to change something that allready exist (people).

The people's changing is not a easy way. Is need a great effort, a big heart and a lot of time. You must be ready to sacrifice yourself for that. And probably discouraging is the fact that there is no chance to succeed in that.

So! How to change the world?
You can't. All you can do is being an example for other, that's it.

A world like a jungle

This is the pictures of a world without people. People make the world wonderful.
Is right that the vegetations and animals make a great wonderful images for this world, and the natural relief is perfect for life, but without people who see that, who appreciate that, nothing worth it.
A world without people. Probably more peaceful, more simple, more healthy.
But without someone who enjoys of all this wonderful things  - no matter.
How will be the world without people? A jungle. One with his own rules, living instinctually, with no purpose, no goal, no interesting future. And with nobody who speak ever about it.
A world with no history and with noone to interesting about past event.
A world of anyone.

Nov 2, 2012

New beginnings

We humans have some strange habits. Sometimes, even if we do not like something, but we used too much of it,  we do not want to make the decisive step of change. It’s like something   of us would break.
That happens a lot. With starting a relationship after a period of solitude, with a break relationships after a long cohabitation , with moving to another house in another city with other people, with changing jobs, etc..
I will not now talking about my new job, but on the old one, about how strange it was, like I used to all with all, with …. I do not know, like by leaving after this experience – if you can call it the 4 years already – is Iike a break, something. And walk forward only hope that there would be a lot better.

What to eat for dinner?

Dinner is the most common of all. Especially for the americans and western-europeans. Although the dinner  should be as low in fat and carbs, most people do the opposite. They do not eat anything all day and at dinner they want to eat how to all day, this leading to degradation of their health.
What not to eat tonight?
Foods high in fat that will overwhelm your stomach (it have to digest all the food consumed).
                Inappropriate foods: meat, cream, butter, eggs, cakes, sweets, ice cream, nuts, soy, ....
           It also will not eat tonight: spicy, salty, bitter, sour, tart, ....
Preferably something easy: a tea, an apple, something easily digestible and bio.

Do not use someone else's towel!

Go to someone in visit and you need to toilet. After you do your problem is imperative necessary to wash your hands. And then ..
Never use someone else's towel!
You will never know what skin disease can happen to receive you by do it that (using someone else's towel).
You have two options:
1. Do not wipe your hand whatever!
2. Use toilet paper!

What is in reality the horoscope?

Who read horoscopes, do that in order to know certain events (or clues about events) before they occur.

Does not this is the dream of all of mankind: to know in advance how much trouble will come, in order to stay away from it?

But it is still possible to know the events before they take place?

 The answer is no.
The laws of physics teaches us that: looking in  the future it will change.

Thus, changing a potential future only because we know it, how horoscope is not subject to the same laws?

Beyond this simple dilemma, easily ignored by many, we should ask: how is it that our life is an open book to some people ("masters of the horoscope")?

Nov 1, 2012

To win all days

Everybody want to win. Even I do. And it's nothing wrong in that.
But how to win in everyday when I see that daily I lose. Winning is not for everybody.
Like in footbal or boxing, someone win, somebody else lose. In life is likewise.
So, if I will always lose, and somebody else win, am I right to say that the life is unjust?
Probably no. Perhaps those who earn daily do that in tiny things, and the one who earn once in lifetime do that in big thing.
Who knows?