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Nov 23, 2012

What tea is good for colds?

Mace had a high intake of vitamin C. And as vitamin C plays an important role in our metabolism, its deficiency brings about a decrease in the power of defense against various diseases (visrusi), including ordinary cold .
Cold is commonplace today, when we have treatments for them, when we have knowledge. But hundred years ago  was a deadly cold.
Rosehip tea, with lemon tea is a good remedy for colds. However, if cold turns into infection should go to the doctor.
In a pot boil water and then let it cool one minute, so the water temperature to be around 60 ° C. Place them currants (or bags, or a teaspoon of dried rosehip), cover the pot and leave it for 15 minutes (infusion). Drink sweetened with honey, sugar or without.

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