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Nov 11, 2012

Simple detox diet regime

We present a simple diet. Your body will release many toxins. Diet is not difficult to keep and will bring many health benefits.
Menu for one day:
Breakfast: a cup of milk with cereal and two slices of toast with butter, tea or plain water
Between meals: a banana, a cup of rice milk or a sandwich with cheese and butter
Lunch: a boiled potato, 100 g fish (canned or fried) and two baked potatoes and cottage cheese
Dinner: a small yogurt, a cup of milk with rice or two slices of toast.

Keep this diet at least a week!

Be healthy!


Sandy Halliday said...

I find it strange that the detox diet you give includes a lot of bread and milk when all the detox diets I have seen exclude these foods. Not only is wheat hard to digest but the gluten causes a lot of problems for many people. Milk often contains antibiotic and growth promoter residue as well as other toxins.

admin said...

There are hundreds of diets. And hundreds of specialists.
Often experts opinions differ.
The truth is that the best diet is one in which is consume only vegetables and fruits - uncooked.