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Nov 24, 2012

Is watching too much TV bad for eyes?

Nothing specialists draw attention to the fact that excessive state in front of the TV or PC monitor to spoil. Almost everyone ignore this warning.
Magic box (TV) is a great media and multimedia. News, debates, documentaries, movies, music, entertainment, etc., all in one box. But a case can damage eyesight. The same can be said about the internet, even more information and multimedia, given time flies faster PC before, and human health is endangered.
Most affected are children, children who spend all the time in front of TV or computer in their risk for various eye problems are much higher.
With the advent of LCD monitors most people have concluded that "no problem now." Wrong! Moving images, but even those still can not be compared with natural images of objects. A film image can have 64 shots / second. And this much is overwhelming to the eye.
TV and computer are necessary, nothing really. However impose certain restrictions of time, say up to 4 hours a day, with breaks every 50 minutes, or another pattern. However we make any temporary period would choose, should be taken into account that excessive TV and PC watching damage our vision.

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