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Nov 12, 2012

Children our joy

Like any good thing in our lives children have their time and their purpose. And we were children, some of us would like to be still, and know that this part of life (childhood) is the most beautiful. Carefree, without many problems, no stress ...

But this part of life to be the most beautiful must meet certain conditions: health, good social environment, parental love, health education ... how of health God cares, we still have duty to supervise various accidents from happening, to educate and provide our children affection. And to education would be much to say, but the essence is that you have 7 years of home that period actually does not stop in 7th, and that creates principal stages of morality. Forming moral character, and who defines what is good and what is not. Thus, and they in turn will take you forward.
I've heard parents say, "no, my parents don't gave me this or that, I do not give them either." Or: "If I never had, my child must have."

These words, referring to various goods, like toys, clothes, sweets, books, etc. are perceived differently by each person. If the phrase "my parents don't gave me gave me this or that, I do not give either." Is very selfish, we must not fall into the other extreme, giving all our children, making them some spoiled who come to believe that they deserve everything, and who later will show the total lack of respect for parental authority and social.

A balance must in all aspects of life and especially in raising and educating children. Depending on the education received in early years will decide the child's future. There are plenty of on the internet sites that discuss these issues, I just I brought to your attention.


But there are people who do not want children. We will respect this decision because it is the right of everyone to think and live as conscience dictates. Yet it must be said that, aside from those of medical problems, or who do not have time because of jobs, with few exceptions, give evidence of selfishness when they do not want children.

In this world, with all its problems and shortcomings, children are those who make it beautiful. They provide an additional motivation, and one solid, to be better, more responsible, more generous, more affectionate, .... May people. Is common knowledge results of many tests: when a woman becomes a mother her being The entire change, for the better, it becomes more practical, more fighting, more courageous, more emotional, more responsible. Actually it then reaches its true purpose. And available only for women but also for men alike.

A child's smile, sincere and unselfish joy, naive trust in his parent, there are things that can not be bought with money, and you can not have than when you become a parent.

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