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Nov 12, 2012

Alcohol and health

Alcohol is bad for your health!
Often we hear about the harmful effects of alcohol, more news about tragedies with authors who are under the influence.
But also hear advice from elders, friends and even doctors who recommend a glass of wine or brandy. Does that cup even better? To be true adage "a little will not hurt"?
Well here it hurt. Namely the fact that every consumer, be it as little, are destroyed hundreds of thousands of nerve cells. It is true that we have billions cells, even more if I put in a straight line all the cells in the human brain we have a distance from the Earth to the Sun. But do not forget that every cell once destroyed we will not recover. After several "consumption" of alcohol (be it wine, brandy, beer, brandy, or any other similar substance containing alcohol) is losing more and more nerve cells (neurons). As losses are significant quantitative begin a series of problems that decrease:

  •     storage capacity

  •     of thinking

  •     observation of objective reality

  •     ability to make good decisions in limited time

  •     capacity to understand

  •     discernment

In long periods of time, excessive alcohol can lead to:

  •     serious organic damage to the brain

  •     convulsions

  •     delirium

  •     hallucinations

  •     dementia

  •     emotional coldness,

  •     frequent and sudden ailments without a real

  •     sudden changes of opinion

  •     alteration feelings

  •     unconfidence, aggressiveness, restlessness interior, irritability

  •     sleep disturbances, nightmares

  •     memory gaps (no longer remember what he did after two hours or two days)

  •     depression, fear, inferiority complexes

  •     lack of will,

  •     isolating and reducing spheres of interest

  •     lack of hygiene, physical and mental decline.

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