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Nov 9, 2012

A glass of wine is good for heart?

So they say, so say some doctors find it on the internet. Yet to be like that?
In order not to attract their public opprobrium, princes society (and here we include specialist doctors) leaves some unsolved issues, creating the impression that things are exactly as they want the crowd to hear. And as long as something can not be proven, there can be no dispute.
However, research on healthy diet have proven that: even a drop of alcohol is harm. More specifically,  in time anything harmful will take effect. And be it pollution, stress, animal fats, alcohol, tobacco, drugs of any kind, restless, and others, all in small or large are a potential danger.
A clever question might be something like:
- Why still using pills, fat, tobacco, alcohol is not considered high risk?
And the best answer coming all in the form of a question:
- Have you any idea how much money these industries revolve?

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