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Nov 25, 2012 - limited, - hosting problems, - low quality - limited, - hosting problems, - low quality
A real issue for many blogger with a low budget.
On have a true quality brand blogging. But the limitatio
ns of them are huge. Blog content can be mine, but if I want to monetize my work - almost impossible. Likewise, if I want to insert some scripts, useful actually, impossible.
In, brilliant blogging platform where the quality is at home, as well as the possibility of turning a blog into a serious job in a pleasant and good payed occupation.
But a big issue remains: the hosting. Most hosting companies are either unreliable or too expensive. A big issue. For a beginner blogger the hosting will be a great challenge, a real milestone., blogging platform at giant Google. Who would have thought a few years ago how big will become Google , how big and strong it will be this brand, a brand that completely dominate the Internet?, a free service, one of the best free services, with a great hosting   - I have not heard anyone to fall her hosting on .
But is too low compared with wordpress. Blogspot not have a navigation within the site, the tags of blogspot are just for show, they are not indexed by Google or other search engines, not relevant or easy navigation within the site.
Otherwise, as conclusion to the end, blogspot, with all its shortcomings is better than a limited or where his maintenance cost could be far greater than the potential gain from blogging.

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