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Nov 25, 2012

Why we avoid work?

Because you work all your life and in old age you get hungry. Work ennobles  man, says the proverb. Practice proves that the employer ennobles work.
The work is hard, and when you see how other people raise a straw and not doing very well, indeed afford to have that house a palace, fancy cars, trips to exotic areas, like your work perished mood.

Perhaps you will say that it is not normal to look in the yard of another, and yet not the case in reality?
Work and receive a salary. Without it you might starve. But who benefits from your work generally firm, enriched. Take the example of construction of a construction company. 5 men skilled, dig ditches, pour concrete, erect walls make a home. They are paid for their work, for broken bones. But the company is receiving the bulk, not workers.
And if I or you find an alternative non-work to make money, I refuse it?

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