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Nov 24, 2012

Why do we dream when we sleep?

All people dream, some more others less. Dream is the way the brain is resting and empties million Giga Bitzi of information that are meant not to be able to stay conscious.'s Dream can be called so a conscious subconstiet discharge.
We need dreams
If you are interrupted during a dream brain has not rested properly, and when the next dream will be more intense and longer. If we intreruti dreams several times in a row we will be tired the next day. And the first opportunity brains will give us a feature film.
Most often forget what I dreamed. In fact dreams not of particular interest to us, often dreams tell us nothing, absolutely nothing. Brain but they are required to transfer the information. Transfer of information is compressed how a dream figured million information with tablets. It could not do otherwise, such trasnfer would have lasted decades instead of a few hours or minutes.
What transfer the brain?
In a single day we see millions of images, hear millions of sounds, feel thousands of odors, and besides that, everything we do, think, interfere, everything is stored in the brain. We do not give any importance to even 1% of what is happening around us in a single day. But the brain store any information.
When bedtime comes creirul filter begins work, and everything we would use in the future is compressed in the form of dreams and thrown into the subconscious. Millions of information is thus removed the clipboard.

How to manifest dream
First, during a dream that we are paralyzed, we can not move. This is for our good, for in dreams we can fight bears, jump rope, run, fly, etc., things that if we repeat physical during sleep we definitely hurt.
Also, any external factor: a creaked a crunch, a thud, a 'knock-knock', a cry, a fly, everything is absorbed in dreams and scenario added.
A great thing is the fact that even the blind (blind persoanlele) dreams. If a man has to forfeit lifetime he will see clear images in a dream, if he was born blind: Well, in that case he will dream, but without images.
Dreams could write thousands of books in a single article however there is room for more.

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