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Nov 23, 2012

Why children depend on parents?

Does not exist in our world even one man who was born great, mature adult. All were once babies, then children, then young ....
Everyone had a temporary home in their mothers womb. And there, safe from any danger, defend the holy angels were developed from a single embryo, and increased until the day should be large enough to leave home.
Then, with the first seconds of life began to discover a new world. At first feeble, without realizing the passage from one world to another, then more daring, and so on.
Children are fintele gentle, naive, loving and without guilt that once entered into our world and equipment must be educated to take their place in society. And increased responsibility, protecting and educating their parents back. In some cases parents are irresponsible, and because of them children - future people mature, they will not fit perfectly into society. Many children left on their own prisons become future residents. Others committed suicide, others ...
Children are defenseless against thousands of threats, physical and psychological dangers. If all parents would be even half of what should be the parents, certainly our world would be more beautiful life, with people understanding, peaceful, loving, responsible.

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