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Nov 26, 2012

What kind of job should I choose?

Many people accept what they are offered, especially as we live a little troubled times, financially speaking. Others do not want to work other than in accordance with their training. What to do? In that category we place?
Well, I will take my example. Probably always personal example is the best.

I work two jobs and maintain some drops one site. None of the two jobs does not match my training, but I had no choice. Given that we children would have been impossible to sit on the bar until it arose something acceptable. And to have that put on the table for my paid bills, utilities and rates should be to acecept.
To me a job is a job and all. Munces against salary. But if I find a job that I will fall like a glove, I'd rather pay a little more and a little, but not too small, because financial needs are great.

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