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Nov 23, 2012

The Paradise is something real?

Life is beautiful worth living. But not always. Depends on certain factors.
If the cancer has worn everything from a man, if old age made him senile and paralyzed, though .... To love life we must be good to have pleasure of life.
Suppose all goes well, we have everything we need - no more, because the damage - and we are happy, satisfied, fulfilled. But sometimes a thought comes, the thought of: someday, will break the thread of life. Or as some say: life energy is over. And then we looked to the sky. Why the sky? Perhaps somewhere in our selves know all about UP.

Heaven, life after death is not a new concept, not just Christians specifications. Different forms and theories afterlife was hoping to billions of people in our world, from Adam and Eve onward.
Scientists say that: Heaven if there had invented.
But aside speculation scientists, for heaven nefancad part of our three-dimensional universe we do not have to explain it, religion is one that reminds us about this opportunity: eternal life. The Bible shows Christ came from heaven, sacrificing his life for all who believe in Him have eternal life.
As written in the Bible, the rest is story, fiction, SF. Perhaps fear is the most powerful weapon. And perhaps the notion of Hell (eternal flame meant to torment sinners) , princes kept the chess world millions.
But even if there were a hell, what we think of him? Why do I think of something good instead of evil? Why see the glass half empty? Would not it be nice to think of RAI as a possible option.

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