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Nov 10, 2012

Sometimes change is good

After a while, all doing the same usual stuff feel the need for a change. Unfortunately we do not have the courage to do so.
In daily life appear stereotyped, we call it habits.

The habits are master over us, what we do, how we do, what we think and how we think.  The habit make a completely influence over us.

Sometimes we say that we are enslaved by habits, some of which are even harmful: vices.
Saving by changing
Changing something in our daily lives can make a big difference.
All the things we do are interspersed between them. And changing something, we can change something else.
For example: always buy from the same store. On the way from home to shop, in the store, and on the way to back home - do many things.
Changing the store - we can change some of those things.

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