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Nov 7, 2012

Man can be replaced by robot?

Why not? The people there are saying:

"nobody is irreplaceable" - or almost anyone

Yet the truth is that the robot could not replace humans in every field - in occupations that involve people is need people.  A robot would not do well in professions such as: doctor, policeman, lawyer, judge, teacher, journalist, scholar, advisor, analyst, etc. - For these professions need people.

The robot will always be rigidly confined to the parameters of his discipline, limited to the schedule. On the other hand, man, beyond technical knowledge by his job, man use something else, something that the robot will not have: soul, emotion, instinct, conscience - is exactly those things that define humanity.

It is known that many investigators used (among scientists) of suspicion (instinct). That some cops overlook some minor mistakes (mercy - emotion) as ... and so on.

The robot will be fixed rigidly. Inappropriate human needs.

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