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Nov 24, 2012

It's good to be careless?

Indifference to ourselves or others (society) can not have no repercussions.
She indifference - indifference - negligence - carelessness, about the same thing, each in its own way but avanad same parent: Selfishness.
As long as someone loves only himself will surely neglect everything around it. And in some cases, to him be his / her best, will step over the bodies. That child neglect their mother locked him in the house as it stands 4:00 to gossip with her friends, and almost always it will have the effect of increasing a child's unhealthy (introvert or violent).
If a person is placed in a certain position and it will not perform the duties conscientiously surely someone will suffer due to carelessness / her. Take gendarmes example: if a protest or a football match they decide to stay 'bar', imagine what would happen. Or rather we take the example of a doctor on the ambulance. Although receives the mission to go to the scene of an accident he decides to go and have a beer (with driver). In this case, most likely someone I die.
Somehow indifference is synonymous with suffering.

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