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Nov 8, 2012

How much cost the wisdom?

I wonder how much money we are willing to pay for become wiser?  And more: all the money in the world is enough to buy something so priceless.
With money buy a lot, but not everything.
We buy a house with money, but not a home.
   We buy with cash a hospital, but not health.
   We buywise children books with money, but not science.
   We buy with cash a clock, but not time.
   We buy with cash sex but not love.
   We buy blood with money, but not life.
   We buy churches with money, but not God.


 In vane you are smart if you are not wise! And nobody can argue that.

In vain a man has all the wealth of the world, if he is not wise, if he don't know how to live, everything is in vain.
What's the benefit of being the richest man in the world if he don't know to enjoy wealth and life?

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Mr WordPress said...

Wisdom to know what you to do and when to do it - is an art to know how to live.