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Nov 24, 2012

How do I make money from my blog with banner ads?

Many people want to blog owners monetise their online activity, and the best program is Google AdSense.
The web site will find thousands of us learn why and how affiliate programs on different platforms affiliation or multi level programs that we are real gold mines profit-making, but the truth is that not all that glitters is eating, and that's because very few people are buying online, and those who do go directly to that site.
So an appropriate program for blogs is the pay per click, and most serious, the most common and also is easy to use AdSense. And if you do not try to steal clicks everything will be OK
Most blogs make money from AdSense in English, but this does not mean that a blog with many readers in Romanian can do. It all depends on the nature of visitors, for a general blog with personal ideas is less likely to face a blog NISAT, regardless of niche.

Here are some topics around which to build a niche blog:

Animals, plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, birds, insects, fish, countries, cities, mountains, rivers, religion, health, miscellaneous, news, leaders, food recipes, curiosities, blogging, internet, media, altered stories, useful , movies, celebrities, sports athletes, chemical formulas, jokes, tips, betting, poems, lotto, weather, anatomy, diseases, journalism, accounting, extra x, economics, politics.
Of course many more areas can be very many, but it is important to have some knowledge about the area or areas concerned, and short documentaries before tackling a subject not hurt.
Positioning of advertisements must be made so that visitors to notice quickly jump to her eyes, yet not irritate him. It is very important that the blog is not full of ads for those if you use Adsense would be good to give up other affiliations the blog in question.

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