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Nov 13, 2012

At what age a man is wise?

Normally, once the years pass, the man accumulates a lot of knowledge and life experience. With this should appear and wisdom. But this thing not happen. And we wonder why?

We see everyday old people.  Most of them are not wise, are not even smart too. Contrary, many old people are senile. People who not use mind in their youth, in old age will probably senile. The secret to have a smart mind in old age is to use it at maximum in youth, and in all rest of the time.

But to be wise, is more than that. The mind must be set to work in some parameters. Every time when we use our mind to make the best in something, we become closer to the wisdom. It's not enough to do something, but how we make that. Because it easy to make a thing, but is difficile to make it properly, considering all the details and implications.

Set your mind to find the best solutions! So begins to be wise! Right now, do not wait older ages!

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