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Nov 24, 2012

Agriculture is the future?

In general, everything that could be sold was sold. Almost all people who needed and could afford, they put glass, and bought LCDs, houses, all kinds of furniture and appliances, etc..
Even the clothes they buy increasingly more difficult. But the food, well food and drugs will always sell. How to plant drugs is impossible for most, to produce food is much easier. And I do not mean delicatessen or other preparations, but strictly on vegetables and fruits.
To start a business with vegetables or fruit you do not need to be too much. Agricultural land, or a higher court, several solar (cusaci can be constructed and the foil), some money for seeds, sprayers, and of course: working party as cover.
Work results will be directly proportional to the work performed and skill. Skill and inspiration will come along, it's all about: to love what you do.

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