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Oct 19, 2012

What is a sneezing?

Sneezing  mean I am sick?
Not necessarily. Indeed, sneezing is one of the symptoms of respiratory disease, but can also be caused by irritants. Sneezing role is to eliminate “intruders” in the airways so best known guilty of appearance sneezing is the dust. Other culprits: pepper, cold air, and surprisingly light, pollen, animal dander,toxic gases, smoke, and others.
When I am sick?
Infections, especially viral, have the same symptoms. Nasal mucosa is inflamed, irritated and the body tries to eliminate the “intruder” by sneezing.
Sneezing walk disease
The speed at which air is removed during a sneeze is at least 160 kilometers per hour. So viruses are spread in all directions at breakneck speed.