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Oct 30, 2012

What you will do if you could understand everything?

Nothing is simple in this world. Not even how a flower grow by the ground. Or how the light defeat the darkness, or why humankind is so willing to destroy himself?
There is a lot of things about we do not know anything and even we want to learn, we just can't. And probably, some things are to big for us, tiny little people.
But, if one day you will have the possibility to learn everything in just one day, what will you do after? Will you use this knowledge to help people, to help yourself , or ..?
What will you do? Put yourself this questions?

Oct 29, 2012

When will come the end of the world?

A question which a lot of people they ask themselves. When the last day will come?
Many have tried to come with an answered, but nobody give us a date, a fix point in time. Actually, not even the Holy Bible do not give a day for the end. But is write in the Bible that the day of ending of all things is near. How close, we do not know. Except those who see the signs. And it's very much signs in our time. Signs about that is written in Bible.
How that day will be? Very confused, in very big trouble for humankind.
A world who despise daily on God, who think only to wrong, and who are fool of evil.
But for the one who believe in Word of God nothing wrong will happen to him.

Family help people

According to experts, the marital relationship contributes to decrease the risk of
trigger of depression and anxiety state.
The separation, divorce and widowhood emphasizes the risks of mental problems such as depression to men, and alcohol and drug abuse to women. Marriage reduces the risk more for women than men.
Marriage is called the basic unit of society.

Oct 28, 2012

Jesus and walking on water

Many people try to explain miracles wrought by Jesus through science. Some assumptions that issued: to walk on water Jesus had to cancel gravity. But this would have meant to had antigravity device, which was impossible at that time when science was almost nonexistent.
And even today, with a quite advanced science, we could do a device capable of something, that does not mean anything. There are miracles that can not be explained by science. Nor is worth try explaining them.

Oct 27, 2012

At the beginning of the day drink a glass of water

Daily water requirement (2 liters) depends on height, weight, ambient temperature, health, activity level, and of course diet.

A glass of fresh water for rehydration for a good functionality of body it's recommended early in the day, first thing in the list.

Violence is caused by ignorance

Intelligent people with general knowledge are more peaceful and more understanding to other people. They also accept different people through their education itself.
 Religious or ethnic racism and domestic violence are the result of ignorance and lack of education. That way, the education is the most important thing for any society.

California earthquakes

California is an area heavily hit by earthquakes. In recent years, Japan, Chile, Haiti, Indonesia, and others have fallen under the destructive hand of this phenomenon.
Of all California is most often hit by earthquakes, but fortunately most earthquakes are of small magnitude. But nobody knows when the Big one comes, or how devastating will be..
And rightly ask: why civilizations rise in disaster areas, in areas that are frequently hit by floods, drought, pest invasions, tornadoes, earthquakes, cyclones?

How to get rid of diarrhea without medication?

In medicine, diarrhea is a pathological condition manifested by frequent elimination of soft stools or watery consistency.
The causes may be: spoiled food, viruses, bacteria, combining food with milk.
Remedy without medication:
-3.4 seed of olive swallowed with a little water, or
-1 teaspoon of ground coffee swallowed as such, or
-iron rice soup, or
-breadsticks, or any dry bakery food, or
-a teaspoon of apple vinegar.
Any of the above are very helpful.
If still the problem persists seek medical advice!

Childhood games decide future

Childhood games decide the future – perfectly true. Psychology has proven that.
A child who will play games fine, peaceful, skill games, where other children are involved will have a bright future.
A child who will play violent games or computer games will be a solitary one or a violent person.
But the worst is when children do not play at all. He starts off with a disability already high.
a list of childhood games by wikipedia

Oct 26, 2012

Cutting the forests bring disaster

Storms, tornadoes, floods, landslides, droughts, and many more are caused directly by the disappearance of forests.
Forests, the "green lung" of the planet, who purifies the air and gives us oxygen and that is to keep alive the planet - our ecosystems, our home.
From trees people use wood to build houses, furniture, firing fuel, and other. But in the same time, cutting wood from forest will bring a ecological holocaust.

Online games, a considerable loss of time

I will not give names of games, some are even successful brands with millions of fans all over the world. Fail to understand, no matter how exciting these games can be how such a man may lose so much time at the computer.
Moreover, the more it loses more time in the game the more it creates a second life, one parallel to the real one. The more time in virtual life uses, the less important will be the real one.
      And it is sad, because in this life there is only one life: the real life, and is the only one we have. Then comes death and Judgment as religion said. But until the Judgment we have only one life, a life who not worth wasted on virtual games, no matter how beautiful they may be.

Paradoxes of our civilized life

We invest large sums of money in shelters for stray dogs but we do not care of abandoned children who starving,
We have the largest amount of information ever, yet we are ignorant,
We are smart, too intelligent to become wiser,
Those who have something to say do not have time to do it, and those who have nothing to say have enough time,
We fight windmills for selfish idea of ours, but we will not move a finger for our neighbor found in trouble,
We all always run to find answer to life, but we forget to live meanwhile.

Survival of the human species

Only human children needing hospital to birth, offspring of animals not. Why?
Humans are a little weak and  fragile. They can not live in the wilderness like the other animals. They live in a society, sorrounded by other people - human race is very sociable.More than that, people depend each other, and this dependence make the civilization.
Once with the advent of technology, people became more artificial, they change the natural habitat with the comfortable houses, but become more isolated of other people day after day. And even this isolation is the one who will destroy the human race.
The only hope for people to survive is to maintain the relations with other people. Together, people are the civilization itself.

Fauna and vegetation on Planet Earth

Fauna and vegetation on planet Earth  is our existence  habitat.  Each animal and plant has its definite role in planetary ecosystem, and everyone lives to be helpful to others. It seems that only the human lives more for him, because selfishness does not found in other species.
Planetary ecosystem destruction by destroying entire species of plants and animals will bring about the destruction of life on the planet, and ultimately extinction of the human species. Every selfish action by us today will have an impact in the future.
Love the planet! Love the ecosystem in which we live! Love the plants and animals as beings God’s gift to us!

Oct 25, 2012

Did you give your life for others?

Is there any man in this world who has never betrayed? And I do not mean sexual infidelity, but the betrayal in general. Because treason is when you betrayed into all the little things and treason is when you do it in the big things.
Usually we betrayed to get better. Either denounce, or  take it  a promise and do not respect the promise, or more serious things. And do these things in selfishness. Perhaps without realizing the moment, but we do, and often they realize what I did blame human nature. Selfishness actually was. We learn that selfishness should we be in the spotlight. A self what would seem to like us, and we can push further into betrayal, perhaps even murder, if circumstances are favorable.
The opposite of selfishness is altruism, and all of us have in abundance and selfishness and altruism. Depending on each one of this two is more developed, fed daily.
Let’s say that I will not killing for 1 million dollars, not even for 1 billion, and even for all the money in the world. I would like to be 100% true,  regardless of the circumstances in this case, then selfishness would receive a strong blow . But the opposite, altruism would be prove in our lives by the supreme sacrifice .
And the question was: “If we know that we can save 1000 people, are we able to give our lives for them? But for 1 million? “

How to check google indexing my site?

We have a website. Is a little old, some content. And want to know how Google sees. You must type in the Google search bar following code
Exemple: we want to verifying site, in order to see how many indexing has. So we write in the search box:

If we want to verifying, we will write in search box: If we want another site we will write, or another extensiones of damain (.info, .net, .org, .name, ...).

Why we always choose the easy way?

Even from the beginning humans was tempted to walk at the easy step, to not sweat, to not work hard, to have how many possible possessions, and to have a lazy life. It's a human way to neglect possibility of work in order to win results. And it's a way who don't make any good to nobody.
Work is a the way that God chose for human in order to maintain human healthy (physically, mentally and spiritually). By working people became more vitality, more wisdom, more alive. When somebody don't do anything all day long there is a huge risk that this man to be covered by black thoughts, to do any kind of stupid things in order to not be bored any more ( to fool his free time).
In unfortunately the most of the people choose to not care about the benefits of work.

Oct 24, 2012

Presidential Elections in America 2012

Between two evils we must choose the lesser evil. This is a golden rule.
I'm not saying that some of the current candidates would be bad - no way.
Sometimes we do not know what is much better for us, and we think that everything is the same, no matter what history teach us.
In any time, in any generation, was a lot of bad decision  made by people who do not know what they want, or who follow other people decisions.
People do not care about the future are the people who decide the future. A future that would have been a good one.
Everybody probably has already a clue about who must win this elections. Each one according with his personal interesting. And it is normal to be in this way, because we choose our future.

Oct 21, 2012

Ancient cities become ruins

Ancient cities become ruins, why?
It is known that ancient people built their civilizations Besides food and water reserves, and somewhat natural protected from invaders. If these natural reserves began to dwindle or invaders managed to find a way to penetrate into the city, the area was deserted and city abandoned.

How much can love a man?

Hard to say. But certainly very, very much.
Although most people do not even know what is love, man was endowed by God with the ability to love beyond imagination.
And perhaps altruism, is by far the highest grade love.

Dracula - Vampire from Romania

There are hundreds of legends in the case of the Dracula. Hundreds of movies have Dracula as the main character.
Historical reality reveals that Dracula was a leader, a sadistic ruler, a despot, a tyrant, he terrorized Transylvania region of Romania - Eastern Europe in the years 1431-1476. - In the darkness of the Middle Ages.
In these times when dangers of invaders was the order of the day, when thieves did robberies in broad daylight, when clutter and chaos were "normal". At a time when the crisis of personality was in full swing , when people lived in fear from day to day, when the last friendship was destroyed by the superstitions, a man managed to keep things in check. But he did it with an iron fist, without mercy sadistically and with a demonic evil for enemies or alleged enemies.
Thirsty of blood, Dracula became a legend, a scary story which was told from generation to generation. Way they torture and kill prisoners, as their bodies besides eat and drink made him famous in the negative sense.
Although small scale, Dracula was worse than Nero, Hitler and Stalin combined.

Only fingerprints are unique?

No. Tongue print is different from every other person, also  snowflakes mark is unique, and many other.

It is normal for men to look after women?

Yes. Maybe not as strongly and as shameless do some, but yeah – this is normal. It would be wrong to be different.
Man (male) gene is set to be attracted to females, something without which normally would not increase.
No wonder one of the first commandment given by God to man is: <God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.“>

It’s nice show Dallas?

Yes, if you like American telenovelas (soap operas).
Various troubles, situations somewhat normal .. and finally: life of rich people
of oil.
Kind of Young and Restless, somewhat old-fashioned westernmost.

I love Doctor Who

I do not fall in love too fast.
But Doctor Who, .... is another story. Although there are many beautiful SF series, Doctor Who, after watching it leave something memorable. Something remain as a pleasant memory, living noteworthy.
Probably only a few will understand this, and is no wonder. Love your imagination, try to make use of the imagination, is not for everyone.
How to be pragmatic? Where reality begins and where it ends?
But a story like this, a fascinating one, can not find the roads at every street corner.

Oct 20, 2012

Capillaries in human lung

How many capillaries are in the human lung ?
If we put together will have a length of 1491 miles. Their number is 300.000 capillaries.

What money have the europeans?

Europe is divided into two: United Europe (EU) - EU, and rest of Europe - non UE. Within the EU official currency is the euro. Outside the EU each country has its own currency.
EU countries (with Euro): Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Vatican.
Non-EU countries and their currencies:
UK - pound sterling
Sweden - Krone
Poland - zolty
Bulgaria - Lev
Switzerland - Swiss franc
Romania - leu
Czech - koruna
Russia - rubles
Ukraine - hryvnia
Liechtenstein - Swiss franc
Albania - Lek
Denmark - Krone
Norway - Norwegian krone
Serbia - Dinar
Croatia - Kuna
Hungary - Forint
Latvia - lats
Lithuania - litas
Republic Moldova - leu
Armenia - dram
Bosnia - konvertibilna marka
Iceland - krona
Turkey - lira
related link:

How many smells perceive human nose?

Nose perceives more than 50,000 different smells.
Most of these are not felt because they are not used routinely.

Can we live without money?

We can live without money?
Not really. At least not in town.
In the countryside, if you like, if you not feel the need of electricity, various appliances, gas, etc. – … that if we decide to live like 300 years ago… yes, it’s OK.
But we should pray to God to not get sick, because without money …

How many bones are in the human?

At birth man has 350 bones, but for some bones unite during growth, adulthood we have only 206.
Bones are 4 times stronger than concrete.

How much eat and drink a man in his lifetime?

A man lives on average 70 to 75 years.
In his lifetime a man consume of 50 tons of food and about 5000 liters of water.
* tons = 50.000 Kg
Kg and liters – International System of Units

Oct 19, 2012

What is a sneezing?

Sneezing  mean I am sick?
Not necessarily. Indeed, sneezing is one of the symptoms of respiratory disease, but can also be caused by irritants. Sneezing role is to eliminate “intruders” in the airways so best known guilty of appearance sneezing is the dust. Other culprits: pepper, cold air, and surprisingly light, pollen, animal dander,toxic gases, smoke, and others.
When I am sick?
Infections, especially viral, have the same symptoms. Nasal mucosa is inflamed, irritated and the body tries to eliminate the “intruder” by sneezing.
Sneezing walk disease
The speed at which air is removed during a sneeze is at least 160 kilometers per hour. So viruses are spread in all directions at breakneck speed.

It can turn lead into gold?

For thousands of years people all trying in various ways. If they succeeded  nobody knows, the secret was well guarded.
For those who are bored they can still try.

Life of blogger

Beautiful. Sitting in front of a computer and beat the keys of sorts more or less interesting.
Few people know, however, that bloggers usually belong to a special category. Few people know, however, that bloggers usually belong to a special category. Not too poor, because they have a computer and an internet connection, but no rich because if they were rich does not waste time on the blog but walking through exotic islands.
That a blogger not eat today is unknown, it actually is an anonymous, a man without a well defined identity, a person behind a keyboard.
Some smarter, some less, some more open expression, others trying to explain something incomprehensible in parables, some respecting ethical values​​, others are pigs escaped from dump - but everyone, young and old is formed the blogosphere - the area of free internet, free ideas that ray of hope:  free democracy.

How to win the lottery

Games type lottery  are becoming increasingly popular the general public. There are hundreds of types of lottery games:

- weekly draws, 2 times a week, daily, several times a day,
- ith more or fewer numbers.
The best known and appreciated are: 6/49, 5/45, 7/45, 5/56, etc..
Never put on birth dates, numbers that have the same termination (like 10, 20, 30, 40 - or 13, 23, 33, 43, ...), 
Never put strings suite (5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , ..), 
and most importantly: do not put the winning numbers from the latest extraction - chance to repeat is zero.

Modern Proverbs

Times have changed, as well as proverbs.
So we have:
Who steals a penny today,
 tomorrow will be far away.
Who digs a pit for someone
Tomorrow will be  rich man.

Oct 18, 2012

Years ago food was healthy

What's on your plate? What to eat morning, noon and night? But between meals?
Sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, fast food, cooked food, food tasty and full of chemicals, artificial mancare, and still others. 
Eat soup anyone? Or simple food made in the kitchen on the ordinary stove?
A bean soup, a potato soup, no meat or animal fats.
    My grandparents ate meat only on Sundays, and maybe not even then. The food was composed of potatoes, beans, cabbage, carrots, sunflower oil, and some fresh herbs: parsley, onion, ... And ate with bread made in stove  or polenta.     And drink fresh water from the fountain.
Without sweets of all kinds, no juice, no other tastings, lived a hundred times healthier than us today.
Today when we have shelves full of all kinds of food, all kinds of delicious temptations, but unhealthy.
Gorging has become normal for us in this century, obesity is a result of
eating non-stop, mental blockage also, and hundreds of diseases, especially cardiovascular.

Oct 14, 2012

What vitamins and minerals contains an apple?

A medium apple contains:
     vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K
   minerals: calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, zinc.

How redirect a site on Blogspot?

Maybe there are more options, but one that I used it and goes, is this:

     <meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0; url=' />

Enter the admin panel blogger to design, select "Edit HTML". Shall copy the code above and insert the following tag <head>. change to the new address, type: You click on "Save Template". So.

Oct 13, 2012

What is the deepest communication?

The practice has proved that the highest stage of love is selfless, and this can occur both between individuals and between foreigner.

Communication between people is both verbal and nonverbal, and studies have proven that Speech is a small percentage of interpersonal communication. They also say that: a picture is worth a thousand words, and a thought a thousand pictures. Marital love may not be the highest communication because in very few cases people having love means that really love their partners so .....

Faith, however, is another story. Faith can not enter into certain patterns, everyone sees faith with other eyes. But whatever the point of view of everyone, faith is beyond what we see and feel physically, beyond matter. And I do not see how marital love can go beyond the limitations of the flesh, matter.

In history there have been millions of martyrs for their faith, a faith different from the majority or the occupation forces. Millions of people have preferred to lose everything, including life, in the name of faith, a supreme ideal. Stefan Apostle said, "I see heaven open and the Son of God ......". But how to get people to believe something you do not see? How can we trust completely in an illusion? Probably illusion is not an illusion, for man to communicate with God in prayer and communication involves a relationship.

So. Faith with selflessness is the deepest form of communication.

Oct 8, 2012

Where I make a blog for free?

Largest and most reliable platform for blogging (free) are and is probably the most easy to use with a friendly interface and easy to remember. It is well optimized for search engines. For someone who is starting out in the blogging world is a solution exceptional.

But keep in mind that in does not allow scripts us histas or adsense. The ideal solution would be, but is not free. You need a domain (.org, .info,  .net, .com .... - with money or free, .tk, or other), and a hosting (web hosting) paid. is a blog solution offered by Google. Although many might think it is better indexed, wrong. In wordpress tags offer superior indexing, which can not speak in blogspot. In blogspot tags are only good for use as categories, so.
But the beauty is that Blogspot allows you to do almost anything. Any theme compatible bought with money from online or found on various websites of free profile can be used with ease. With minimal knowledge a blog on blogspot platform can become a true portal. But the most important thing is that Blogspot bloggers allow insertion of the scriptures, and in the interface of blogspot is even Adsense..

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

In a man's life is both good and bad. And good things and bad things. And joy and suffering.

God let us  through to all of us to educate and trained for a better life. The believer must know that: nothing bad happens on the ground without God knowing.

And if he knows, he is allowed this for a purpose, and that purpose can not be understood by us now.

Why I have a blog?

Blogging is all the rage, is an industry, a lifestyle, a job, a sharing of personal opinions, and more.
Some people have made ​​a blog, others dozens of blogs. Some write for pleasure others for money, write some personal opinions others copy others, some have made ​​a blog a true portal of news and useful information, others are filled with pictures and videos blog pages, each as he thought fit.

Why do you blog? Well you must be the one to answer this question. Want to make a difference in the online world to know you, or maybe you want to make some money. It is your problem, but you should know some things before you begin:

  - It's easy to do wrong, to criticize, to blame, to hit with stone. But even you can and hit. If you want to do something online you should keep a vocabulary properly, not hate racial, ethnic or religious, do not use pornography, etc..
   - If you want to be respected you have to respect. Bloggers comment on the blogs of other bloggers, and you try to fai same, but get to the point, because spam comments will be punished in time. Plus, whatever you commented will remain there, so watch what you say in the comments.
   - If you do link exchange, be honest, do not steal like others. For some people put links to other blogs and wend they see that have received  turn link you delete one who offered a window. This is immoral.
   - If you do link exchange, be honest, do not steal like others. For some people put links to others and wait to see if they also get one. They then delete it. This is immoral.
   - You want to be as good as indexed by the search engines find you everyone, then grab and write as much, because success does not come overnight. And write quality not just quantity.
      And another thing, try to find out yourself what to do with a blog, or what you've done one!

How should you watch a movie?

Many people throw in front of the TV and watching a movie in the most strange and unhealthy ways.
 A. Some are long in bed, others with basket cookies or popcorn in lap, others upside down .. and finally .. thousands of wrong ways. Watch a film in a prone position in bed and high head on the pillow is a mistake that cost, health cost. Man must stand long bed only three conditions:
1. sleeps
 2. ill
 3. died
Sitting in bed more than have your body gets used (wrongly) with the horizontal position, the spine will weaken its strength, blood flow is turned upside down. Do not be surprised one of the long-standing bed tv that her back hurts or they anemia (especially dizziness when standing up).
B. Have  donuts, seeds, nuts, popcorn, cookies, wafers, or any other food beside you in time to watch a movie is a terrible mistake. Why? First for attention the film will be distracted by activity in question (food), and secondly because when you are somewhat absorbed by the film will consume much more food than usual amount.
For obese people is totally forbidden to do any other activity while eating!

How many seconds is a year?

365 days * 24hours * 3600secunde
 Result: 31 536 000 seconds

How many continents are there?

Well, if you count, we have: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia (Oceania), Antarctica and Africa. So: 7.

Fairy tale

Fairy tales are always pleasant and beautiful. in childhood fairy tales are what give life to our imagination. Unfortunately today, in the age of TV and Internet children's imagination is destroyed by imagination imposed by others. Otherwise individual imagination is transformed into a collective one depending on certain parameters.

Is kerchief a proof of faith?

Many Christians believe that women in the Church should wear a headscarf. This proves that she is subject to her husband according to Scripture.
However, in the Bible, sf. Paul did write to the Greek and Roman Greek novel. Hence we conclude that the way we dress should conicida area where we live, not to be totally different from them but to mix among them. Reference to facts but not the port, the clothing and cial. It is only natural that if we go into an area where people are Tigne and kill animals for pleasure or torture them, the faithful will not copy this lifestyle.
Or if one is fashionable area in front of the building or state court, state the gossip also do not copy this way of life. But if all the people there dressed in jeans (jeans) of the believer to dress in costume? To get relief? Totally wrong, and in disagreement with what the Apostle teaches.
How to Romania last 20 years she has emancipated lot, need to use headscarf in church is no longer valid. Yet most churches put very high value on 'tag'. After all, if we see things logically, we see that in general even in churches, wolves dressed well (according to tradition) are appreciated for the sheep dressed inappropriately are regarded with contempt.
But I wonder: Does Jesus Christ looked more with pity on a woman with head scarf? "


How to use
Simply type your search term in the Search box
If you do not find what you seek try other words or phrases.

For example: looking for used computer store, and most likely will appear online computer stores used,
so you could try the words: "address used computer store," or other expressions.

Earn Money with Adsense

Adsense is probably the best program in the world. Part of famous Google's search engine. With Google Adsense any owner of site, forum or blog can earn some money.
Google Adsense works in PPC system. This means they pay per click, whenever a visitor on of your site, blog or form, click on the advertising of them.

Through Adsense earnings of a blogger or owner of the site, forum, will be proportional to the number of hits on his website, and quality of them.
But Adsense does not allow their ads to be displayed together with other advertising from other companies.

Another important issue would be that Adsense does not accept any site, type: pornographic, defamatory, etc.
Choose a site template that looks a bit like adsense.
Put ads in the most visible places, where the visitor first looks.
Remember that some topics will make more profit than others.
And most importantly: do not click on your own ads.


Gambling is a source of additional income even if you are not expert in gaming and casino. If you consider yourself somewhat lucky person, you like adrenaline, watch sport in general and have a minimum of knowledge about these games, you can win some money.

All you have to do is you sign up with an online bookmaker and a small investment you can get, at a time, to live from betting.
The biggest mistake that a player can make is to think that will improve overnight,  is to think that he will improve overnight.
Gambling can be a stable source of income, but do not bet large sums
Gambling requires a bit of inspiration, that is one who make the difference.
Come and see, choose what you like, play for fun, not investing large amounts. Enter here:

Why should we wash our hands?

Not only hands but also feet, face, teeth, and the whole body should be washed daily. The human body is an organic machine
subject of many bacteria and parasites, and good health requires good hygiene.

How much can love a man?

Hard to say. But certainly very, very much.
Although most people do not even know what is love, man was endowed by God with the ability to love beyond imagination.
And perhaps altruism, is by far the highest grade love.

1000 years ago people had cavities?

Of course they had, and unfortunately did not have dental. But no risk of damage to teeth was not as high as today when
we eat all chemical crap.

Oct 2, 2012

How many lives does a cat have

Starting from the idea popular (tradition) that a cat (demonic animal) is about 7 lives (other speak 11), someone asked, "How many lives has the cat? - really"
The answer is one: a life. A single one life, that's all.
 Legends have their charm but the reality is different than dreams and ancient stories.

Oct 1, 2012

What passions will be fashionable in 2020?

Hard to say. Probably gossip and jealousy will be on top in 2020, as in all other years.

Probably football, gambling, and shopping in Moll, entertainment of all kinds, watching on TV or surfing on the internet.