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Jun 10, 2012

Why do a blog?

Blogging is trendy, is an industry, a lifestyle, a job, a sharing of personal opinions, and more.
Some people have made ​​a blog, others have made ​​dozens of blogs. Some write for pleasure, others for money, others write some personal views on everything, others copy others, some have made ​​a blog a real news portal and useful information, others blog pages filled with pictures and videos, each as thought it better.

Why do you blog? Well you must be one that answers this question. You make a difference in the online world to know you, or you want to make some money. It is your problem, but some things you should know before starting:

It is easy to do evil, to criticize, to blame, throw the stone. But even you can and hit. If you want to do something online should keep a decent vocabulary, not to incite to racial, ethnic or religious, do not use pornography, etc..
If you want to be respected must respect others. Bloggers comment on each other on their blogs, and you try to do the same, but must be the at object, as spam comments will be punished for. Plus, any comments will remain there, so watch what you say in the comments.

If you do link exchange, be honest, not like others, do not steal. For some put links to other blogs
they receive a link back, and then they delete links
This is immoral.
Want to be better indexed by search engines,
find a niche,
and begin writing on this niche more and more qualitative,
, because success does not happen overnight. So, write quality not only quantity.
And another thing, you try to discover for yourself what is a blog,
what kind of blogger you have to be.

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