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Jun 16, 2012

Impossible things in a lifetime

To measure of looks the universe,
To read all the books ever written,
To see all movies ever made,
To practice all existing sports,
To understand what is at Stonehenge,
To fully understand mathematics or physics,
To fly like an eagle,
To demolish what others have built (it can - the atomic bomb),
Heal illnesses for others,
To make everyone happy people,
To alleviate all human suffering,
Sing all the songs available,
To recite all existing poems,
To work in all trades,
Read all blogs,
To run continuously,
To never eat between meals,
Love the same (identical) two people,
Live always happy,
Do not hurt anyone, never,
To stay away from all trouble,
Do not know anger,
Do not give you any tear,
To always understand the others,
To always turn the other cheek,
Do not ever play with "fire",
Bring food to all the hungry,
To educate all those outside the law ....

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