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Jun 4, 2012

Doctor Who, a fantastic series

Doctor Who - Review

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A SF series produced by BBC television. The first episode I saw was by chance, was episode 12 of season 4 (The Stolen Earth). I did not understand anything in this episode, but I am intrigued, so I continued with the next episode, that episode 13 is a direct sequel to episode 12.

Then I decided to see the show from the beginning. I found the net and began his pursuit. I started with the series 1, episode 1, and continued the other episodes and series (seasons). Can it clear that the episode 3 of series 1 have been seized from the show, and of course as the characters.

In season 2 there is another doctor, we will get used first. Smile, his way to walk, talk, act, etc.. David Tennant - doctor's role has fallen like a glove.

Rose Tyler, companion to the first doctor in his travels through space and time. About Rose Tyler can say, as the movie suggests, it is a simple girl, without much alternative future, for her doctor is a true revelation.

Traveling with the Doctor, being with him more than just doctor and would have liked, Rose falls in love with him beyond belief. And when the whole universe is in danger, when Rose remains stuck in a parallel universe, for her was the most darkest day of her life. She said then: "the day I died".

Moreover, The Doctor even love her more than any other earthly woman, and to see her again went with its splendid machine (TARDIS) near a supernova, just to see her one more time.
  He even said that he loves, although the last word (love) has not reached the Rose because Universes were sealed.

But this is not the end, Rose will have conact with doctor several times since. Unfortunately, only delicate moments in serious situations, when all creation is in danger.
The second attendant is Dr. Martha Jones, Doctor. But Martha will never be the favorite Doctor because Rose is much more than his love, a love between a earthly  - hominid - and a master of the time which otherwise is impossible. The doctor may regenerate his body, though he says at one point that he feels like dying during regenerates, and somebody else takes his place - good topic of discussed by the scientific community and the object of study for all who love philosophy.

Dr. Martha Jones go through dozens of events, but at some point she decides it's time to live among humans, the family, and fight to defend Earth. Evidence that only those who have nothing to lose are totally enslaved by the love of one who gives more than they ever imagined.

The third attendant is  Donna Noble. As with Rose, Donna's life is boring, very boring. But Donna has a great destiny to be fulfilled, if we use that word ( destiny ).

But Donna is  a little peasant, her culture is a below average overall. However it will get, even for the price of one day, the most important woman in the universe: Doctor-Donna, because for one day, one day only, Donna becomes part man - part time lord. Unfortunately metacrisis  between a man and a master of time is impossible and the doctor is forced to erase her memory, and that is everything about it.

For Donna is such that boring again. But before he loses his memory, Donna, with her mind consciousness a master of time, understand that he lost everything, would have done anything in order to remain - but it was impossible.

About Donna Noble Doctor says: "... I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her — while she can never remember. … But for one moment... one shining moment... she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe. .. "

We can say that someone with value like The Doctor, taking on a man near him, either as weak or narrow-minded, he turn him into a diamond (a faint image, but the beauty of what God can make to a weak man).

Without Donna beside him, the Doctor was committed some serious mistakes wend he trying to control the destiny (time already elapsed - Fixed events in history). And admit it: "With no Donna I made big mistakes "-  and weep, rare occasions when he does this (how he wept in the black day of  Rose Tylor).

And death will knock 4 times.

That said, the prophecy of ODD, and it was. No where Doctor imagined,   from his compatriot, master of all time, wich heard drums in his head (four in number, jerky), but from Donna's grandfather. So that's life, Doctor sacrifices her life again.

He revisits last time of the one who loved, once knowing that another doctor will come in his place, another body, another man (individual - not necessary a human being), even he has the memory of a time lord.

A very strange character who watched Previously, a kind of wimp. But, after a while you get used to it, and you think the film is cast by him, he allways fits after scenario.

In series (season) 5 and 6 have more characters: Amelia Pond, Rory, River Song, and Captain Jack (who was left to believe that somewhere in the future it will become the Face of Bo).


In the series we are dealing with all sorts of weird technologies (tessalecta - a machine with human face that fit hundreds miniaturized), daleks - an alien race that everyone hates, cyborg men, .... ..

Amelia Pond, the girl who waited ... 12 years. Girl with a crack in the wall, probably for lack of other ideas, but the writers have pulled it up after the end.

Amelia Pond, River Song's mother - the woman who married with The Doctor and who kill him, that fixed point in history. River Song meets the Doctor in reverse flow of time, something extraordinary in the film. In first meeting of Doctor with her  - and her last meeting with the Doctor, the Vashta Nerada invaded the huge library, River Song dies saving everyone from the library, but Doctor save her digital.

River Song - Amelia Pond daughter. To her The Doctor go on the war: "Good Man Goes to War". River does not come to this war of galactic proportions where the doctor blow an entire fleet of military robots only to expose their opinion. River Song has been invited on this war which were invited all who
 was indebted to The Doctor and were very many, but her (River Song) does not come, because it was the day when The Doctor will find out who she is : Rory's and Amelia's daughter,   a child conceived in the Tardis, in the time vortex, a master of time.

This is why "silence" - religious group - kidnaps and turns her into a psycho with a fixed purpose to kill The Doctor, which happens not only for the image. River even give her body to regenerate it, to save The Doctor, another picture of what could The Doctor to do, as he had done with many others - character modeling.

The film has much to say, to show, imagination lighter  for speculation. No need to take as real the time travel, at least not in the past, but for the sake of the film can use ours imagination.

The series offers many others, so worth watching. And who do not understand at first, can watch it again, and guaranteed we find many things wich we not seen them in the first visionaries.Enjoy so!