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Mar 16, 2014

Ukraine sacrificed not to start World War III?

Ukraine became hotter than a volcano.
Divided into two, one part pro-Russian sympathizers and supporters of the other side of the EU, and many outside interests in the Ukraine can become the NATO divisions, and even the beginning of a world war.

Although nobody says it is certain that America has paid money for years to Russia in order to close her mouth. Only now America does not attack Iraq, but Russia attacking Ukraine (or want to do). And nobody knows if the U.S. taxes of Russia can close your eyes and bowed his head as humble in the past 20 years, especially when Russian interests in the region are quite high.
Will to be able NATO or ONU to stop the Red Army to invade Ukraine? Hard to say, and quite hard to believe. I doubt there is any country that would have the courage to declare war on Russia. And if Russia attacks Ukraine, besides many verbal and written reprimands, nothing will happen. Most likely Ukraine will be sacrificed for the good of the many (for the peace of all - less of Ukrainians).
Or maybe Ukraine will not be sacrificed, and world peace will last a while if America still double tribute to Russia, even though there is not much bathe America Dollar.

             Ukraine war

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