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Mar 12, 2014

Horoscope April 2014

Coming April 1 with April Fools' Day, and some notable changes in the map of the universe. For some, the change will be good news, but for the rest will not. Even though most people will not be influenced too
much and they will continue their pathetic existence thread. Many born in Pisces will overcome their condition and will behave like real heroes. Scales, despite their peace and calm that give evidence for the millennia will be a little shaken by the flow of positive energy, which will push they to the abandonment of projects who has no future anyway and will start new projects more sustainable. Lions will not have life easy. Crucial moments of their lives are behind the door. Decisions must be taken. Decisions which not only affect their fate but also of those who are in their sphere of influence. Lions will have to take their time to think, it is easy to destroy in seconds what others have created in centuries. Scorpions - health is and will be their strong point. Unfortunately many abuses of their metabolism, which can be counterproductive. They must make a good thing to their body by giving up to all food full of all kind of fats and full of chemicals of our century! Crayfish will behave as if all is well, just as the storm was still in silence before. Expressing emotions would must be noisy for the refreshing. Snails do not give anything back. Their future is rosy, or so they have the impression. Probably a header above the threshold will help to return down to earth. Plans have really good chance of success, but not impossible stubbornness will be followed than failure. Virgos are the only hope of mankind. Love which springs from the soul of the people in this sign is so pure that in Our society is seen as vulgarism - a term exact opposite of universal reality. Unfortunately maidens are condemned to love silently, without sending back even a quarter of what it offers. Capricorns will help in left and right, ruining it financially, but little by little gaining more spiritual chapter in their altruism. If happiness were calculated in good deeds Capricorn would be the lucky people in the world. Rams continue their service projects. But after repeated failures, tired of humiliation, some choose the path of renunciation. Those who have drawn near her friends who have hope in those moments count. Bulls are going through a period of confusion and uncertainty. But towards the end of the period will see Sunrise after the storm. Tensions lately turns in some cases overnight in moments of joy and confusion vanish, the solutions coming from the park itself. Sagittarians will make massive investments in various but one white, the other black. Just like a hill and a valley are fixed into a masterpiece of art hanging on the wall, as well as their investments. Although there will be no loss nor profit, depending on your personality: some will see a PSA failure before and others a time perished irrecoverable. Gemini will experience quiet. too much sometimes. Need adrenaline will be appeased in acts of defiance or desperate attempts to solve the mystery unsolved. Aquarius Photo source via

April horoscope

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