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Mar 16, 2014

Ukraine sacrificed not to start World War III?

Ukraine became hotter than a volcano.
Divided into two, one part pro-Russian sympathizers and supporters of the other side of the EU, and many outside interests in the Ukraine can become the NATO divisions, and even the beginning of a world war.

Mar 12, 2014

Horoscope April 2014

Coming April 1 with April Fools' Day, and some notable changes in the map of the universe. For some, the change will be good news, but for the rest will not. Even though most people will not be influenced too

Mar 2, 2014

Be optimistic all day long

Optimistic persons are more happy than the rest of the world. No matter if they are sick, poor, not beautiful, etc.
Let say you are very rich, very handsome, very smart, very healty, with  the best job, etc. All most what a normal person will desire. But you are a pesimistic. Very pesimistic. - All your life you will never be happy. Allways you will find something bad in good  (or normal, usual) things. Every day your life will be a nightmare.
At the opposite, optimists people will be happy in every day, even if they are sick, or poor, or not beautiful, etc. They will allways will find a way to enjoy of life.

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     Be optimistic! Be happy!