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Jan 12, 2013

I do not like movies with unhappy ending

I not like movies with happy ending, instead.
Why would I love a film like that? Because it happens in reality?
But - if because it happens in real life is the reason why a movie should have a happy ending. Otherwise,

Jan 11, 2013

Why do we need adventure?

We need adventure for many reasons. We are tired of the mediocrity of our lives
and we want something that to excite the senses, we need adrenaline, we want an escape from the everyday, surrogate for failure to achieve our dreams, etc..

Jan 7, 2013

A simple dinner can fix a full day of stress

Sometimes we have too much stress for one day. And we are totally demolished, physically and emotionally.
But I found a simple remedy, perhaps too simple: the dinner. Family dinner or with the loved one.
Try it, you will not regret. (Surely there is some people that you love them or you care of them).

Jan 4, 2013

Don't give up brother, have a little hope!

Not all days are the same, and not all the issue are the same. It was a time when I believed that there is nothing who can save me. No chance to got out for that mess. But Sun was rise on my street, exactly when I no expected to.
Not in the way that I recive exactly what I want, but some ... important thing, which compensates, in some way.
Life is never according to our expectations, that's for shure.