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Nov 7, 2012

Who wins elections?

First of all elections are won by majority (voting). If the majority can be satisfied with promises of a candidate - the rest is easy as the wind.
We must understand that the majority citizens of a country are underdeveloped's highly intellectual. "Plebe" - from Latin. Well, they are also targeted campaigns.
People who know what they want from a future administration - are few and hard to influence, that is why they do not show any interest to candidates.
Even if by the next administration depends on the country's future - ordinary people do not understand and do not care about these issues.
     Few people realize that certain things should be left secret - for the national good. Or, a decision who seems wrong now can bring many benefits in the future.
But most importantly: a country without rich people is a poor country entirelyNot poor people make a country works, but rich people do.
Make a decision abou what you want!
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