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Nov 16, 2012

Shopping online or market

We need to do shopping everytime. Whether it is food, clothing, electronic, mechanical, various supplies, gifts, and more other. For this you need to keep in mind where and how they buy.

Mini market or supermarket?



  •     shopping cart

  •     merchandise assortments placed on shelves

  •     find almost everything in one place

  •     possibility to read everything written on label

  •     a place civilized and practical

  •     can pay by card


  •     possibly a bit away from home

Shopping online or not?



  •     winning time

  •     detailed product information, catalogs, comparisons, tips

  •     transport provided

  •     without being tired and stressed by the sellers

  •     posibility of return the product, in certain cases and circumstances


  •     computerized fraud risk

  •     can not test the product

  •     require an internet terminal


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