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Nov 25, 2012

May be a better movie than a book?

When I was in high school I saw Morometii film based on the novel of the same name. I have not read even one page of the novel but I saw the movie. And the argument I made just splendid July 1 aberand besides what I saw in the movie.
Perhaps if I had read the novel, who knows.
Usually what we see in the film is largely the product of imagination director and co-writer, and the writer lesser extent. Sequences of video, photos, more successful or not, mimic characters, emotions, action itself, everything is presented through the imagination of others than the author's novel.
When we read the novel we become directors and co-writer, because our imagination brings images to life, physical appearance and emotional shape of characters ....
This means: the book is better than the movie.
Yet, not always. A dozen card can become a film director Oscar if it is a real talent, you know to bring action to the maximum tension, emotions are translated so that the last rude understand, lessons can be drawn to finance the film - advice, life lessons and soul music talk.

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