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Nov 23, 2012

How to make apricot jam?

Because the weather apricots, because winter will definitely come because it is good apricot jam, for any reason we find we have two variants:

  1. buy ready-made apricot jam in the store

  2. we do it in our own kitchen

How to make apricot jam?

We choose four pounds of ripe apricots, cleaned of seeds, and break into smaller pieces, two, four, or whatever we want.
In a pot put 10 kg apricots in saucepan, then sugar over them and let stand several hours. Place pan in the oven, cook on medium heat until reduced by half the amount of jam.
Keep up the next day, when put in jam jars, small or large depending on your preference. Place a large saucepan heat water. Water jars are introduced, so that water does not enter the jar. The simmer two to three hours.
Allow to cool and are then ready for storage.
Note: Do not store in damp or sunlight. Temperature should be constant with

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