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Nov 25, 2012

Free will: predestination?

Do not we choose where and when we are born, we did not choose a car hit us on the sidewalk, we choose not to ....
But if we choose to go left or right, whether work or steal, whether or not you if .....
Free will allows us to algem, not predestination.

If we are destined, if all our life is the script, and we're just pawns, some parts you can not get out of their way predestined, in this case we have the moral right to accuse anyone ever: nor thieves, nor criminals or pedophiles, anyone.
But if we are free in the choices we make in our lives, things are different, closer to logic, or at least closer to an acceptable logic.
I really do not see the point of predestination in contested that after death we will be judged by our works (Bible - says this, but other bedside books of many religions)
Probably most people want to remove religious consideretul this dispute, but if they do, predestination that assumption dies. Predestination appeared in the bosom of religion and everything there must die. Free will is the basis around which we should live our lives, and as free will, we are guilty or not making it, and we must take responsibility for our actions. For the very youngest children realize that a good or bad thing is a payment or reward.

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