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Nov 8, 2012

Bank card

INGIn the past people used barter to trade, and then they used gold, then gold coins, silver, etc..
Then, with the explosion of industry and economic growth, needs become increasingly more and something else was needed. In large transactions, it was impossible to pay out in coins. For example, someone (a company) wanted to sell 1000 pieces of a valuable product. Was needed bags full of coins, so he introduced a new element of trading: bill. A piece of paper is worth more, weighs very little and does not occupy much space. In this way, the content of one wallet may be worth thousands of gold coins..

But things have changed, and needs are increasingly more. Money are used in any field and nothing works without they. So people, and companies must wear after her wallets, pochettes, or bags filled with papers (bills). For this reason banks have launched new solutions: credit cards.
Bank card is a plastic piece inscribed with some data on it, some cards have a microchip embedded safety. They are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericaExpres, etc.. Details of this mechanism of bank payment is available on the net. I just show how and what to do with it.

How can I have a credit card?

Go to a bank. Depending on each bank separately you will be asked to fill out some paperwork and bring you some papers.
Bank card is a great tool. Is it really necessary in 2012. But! For bank cards circulate a lot of money, theft and scams are awaiting a victim.

Do not be a victim!

Do not disclose to anyone your card codes. No banking password or other details of your bank account.
When you remove money from the ATM be careful! some thieves can put some small  devices of card cloning  even in the ATM slot.

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