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Oct 8, 2012

Is kerchief a proof of faith?

Many Christians believe that women in the Church should wear a headscarf. This proves that she is subject to her husband according to Scripture.
However, in the Bible, sf. Paul did write to the Greek and Roman Greek novel. Hence we conclude that the way we dress should conicida area where we live, not to be totally different from them but to mix among them. Reference to facts but not the port, the clothing and cial. It is only natural that if we go into an area where people are Tigne and kill animals for pleasure or torture them, the faithful will not copy this lifestyle.
Or if one is fashionable area in front of the building or state court, state the gossip also do not copy this way of life. But if all the people there dressed in jeans (jeans) of the believer to dress in costume? To get relief? Totally wrong, and in disagreement with what the Apostle teaches.
How to Romania last 20 years she has emancipated lot, need to use headscarf in church is no longer valid. Yet most churches put very high value on 'tag'. After all, if we see things logically, we see that in general even in churches, wolves dressed well (according to tradition) are appreciated for the sheep dressed inappropriately are regarded with contempt.
But I wonder: Does Jesus Christ looked more with pity on a woman with head scarf? "

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