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Oct 21, 2012

Dracula - Vampire from Romania

There are hundreds of legends in the case of the Dracula. Hundreds of movies have Dracula as the main character.
Historical reality reveals that Dracula was a leader, a sadistic ruler, a despot, a tyrant, he terrorized Transylvania region of Romania - Eastern Europe in the years 1431-1476. - In the darkness of the Middle Ages.
In these times when dangers of invaders was the order of the day, when thieves did robberies in broad daylight, when clutter and chaos were "normal". At a time when the crisis of personality was in full swing , when people lived in fear from day to day, when the last friendship was destroyed by the superstitions, a man managed to keep things in check. But he did it with an iron fist, without mercy sadistically and with a demonic evil for enemies or alleged enemies.
Thirsty of blood, Dracula became a legend, a scary story which was told from generation to generation. Way they torture and kill prisoners, as their bodies besides eat and drink made him famous in the negative sense.
Although small scale, Dracula was worse than Nero, Hitler and Stalin combined.