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Oct 25, 2012

Did you give your life for others?

Is there any man in this world who has never betrayed? And I do not mean sexual infidelity, but the betrayal in general. Because treason is when you betrayed into all the little things and treason is when you do it in the big things.
Usually we betrayed to get better. Either denounce, or  take it  a promise and do not respect the promise, or more serious things. And do these things in selfishness. Perhaps without realizing the moment, but we do, and often they realize what I did blame human nature. Selfishness actually was. We learn that selfishness should we be in the spotlight. A self what would seem to like us, and we can push further into betrayal, perhaps even murder, if circumstances are favorable.
The opposite of selfishness is altruism, and all of us have in abundance and selfishness and altruism. Depending on each one of this two is more developed, fed daily.
Let’s say that I will not killing for 1 million dollars, not even for 1 billion, and even for all the money in the world. I would like to be 100% true,  regardless of the circumstances in this case, then selfishness would receive a strong blow . But the opposite, altruism would be prove in our lives by the supreme sacrifice .
And the question was: “If we know that we can save 1000 people, are we able to give our lives for them? But for 1 million? “