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Sep 23, 2012

Ultra interior paint

OK! Suppose we have plenty of money, we have a villa, and we want to finish as all super fine inside. Besides the fact that the price for a super paint is much, much higher than in the case of classical painting probably worth it. But! If a modest houses and a low-income family!! Most stupid possible in construction is ultra finish if small houses or apartments. There is no logical, but many people prefer. Now, either because they have no idea how much work is submitted in luxurious finishes and even how much so, either because they want to live somehow, as wealth. Whatever the reason, investing enormously in finishing is pointless. We encountered cases when building at risk of collapse, the roof insulation was done in mockery, electrical installation - no words, but impeccable finishing walls and ceilings. Tip - the most important things in a building: structural strength, roof insulation, wiring, plumbing & gas, insulation, doors and windows, paint - the important end.

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