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Sep 30, 2012

Street children, Children of no one

Like it or not, abandoned children, children who have lost parents, children of no one, we see them everywhere. From Europe to Asia, from America to Africa - all over the world.
Ignored by some, exploited by other, twinning in different groups, live their lives to the limit of human existence. Very few of them probably 1 to 10.000 has a chance to do something good with his life. Most of these street children will come sooner or later behind bars in jail.
 A world inside this world, with other unwritten laws, with a odd lifestyle, foreign to what the rest of us live, they lead coexistence along with all, without anyone to care. How many people (privileged of life) daily pass indifferent besides street children? How many put the problem this way: "if I was a child of the street, how my life would be today?"

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